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Training Manager responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and assessing future and current training needs

  • Drawing an overall or individualized training and development plan

  • Deploying a wide variety of training methods

Job brief:

We are looking for an experienced training and development manager to devise our organizational training strategy, oversee its implementation and assess its outcomes. You will identify training and developmental needs and drive suitable training initiatives that build loyalty to the firm.

Training managers work across many departments to get employees up to speed in both their specific vertical, and the overall needs of the company. Training managers often have backgrounds in business, leadership, human resources, development and education.

Training manager responsibilities include enhancing employees’ skills, performance, productivity and quality of work.


  • Identify and assess future and current training needs through job analysis, career paths, annual performance appraisals and consultation with line managers

  • Draw an overall or individualized training and development plan that addresses needs and expectations

  • Deploy a wide variety of training methods

  • Conduct effective induction and orientation sessions

  • Monitor and evaluate training program’s effectiveness, success and ROI periodically and report on them

  • Manage training budget

  • Provide opportunities for ongoing development

  • Resolve any specific problems and tailor training programs as necessary

  • Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices

  • Understand customer needs and requirements to develop effective quality control processes

  • Devise and review specifications for products or processes

  • Set requirements for raw material or intermediate products for suppliers and monitor their compliance

  • Ensure adherence to health and safety guidelines as well as legal obligations

  • Supervise inspectors, technicians and other staff and provide guidance and feedback

  • Oversee all product development procedures to identify deviations from quality standards

  • Inspect final output and compare properties to requirements

  • Approve the right products or reject defectives

  • Keep accurate documentation and perform statistical analysis

  • Solicit feedback from customers to assess whether their requirements are met

  • Submit detailed reports to appropriate executives

  • Be on the lookout for opportunities for improvement and develop new efficient procedures