Destined to lead the global industry

eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. has grown from a small player with thirty full-time staff and five departments in 2016 to a leading sales, marketing, and business outsourcing solutions provider with over a hundred employees and 15 departments. That’s an achievement unlocked in just four years of operations.

That’s an achievement unlocked in just four years of operations.

What compels and motivates eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. to expand its services in the greater global sphere?

Our growth goes along with our desire to help more clients take their business to the next level. Today’s business is borderless, and that should give us a greater opportunity to lead the global industry. After all, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. have the potential to shake the industry and deliver much-needed transformation.

We provide a wide range of solutions to business worldwide, helping them:

Cut overhead and operating costs
Meet customers’ increasing expectations
Increase productivity
Improve service quality
Achieve maximum return on investment (ROI)
Realize business goals

Our solutions include:

Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Seat Leasing
Web Systems & Applications

With our combined experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) and marketing industries, plus the wisdom and guidance from a seasoned and well-accomplished board of directors (from the manufacturing, construction, and banking industries), eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. will strive to provide clients with complete end-to-end solutions.

Are you ready to build a better business?

Leave it to us.

To become the premier vendor of choice for advanced, standardized, and world-class outsourcing solutions.

To provide our employees the career growth opportunities they aspire, and our customers the facilities, technologies, and services they deserve.

In everything we do, we are grounded to being C.O.N.C.I.S.E: Courtesy, Ownership, Nurture, Collaboration, Integrity, Seamlessness, and Excellence.

We have our standardized methods of Business Process Services: Customer Acquisition, Customer Support, and Customer Retention.