Corporate Solutions

Customer Acquisition

It’s easy to lose time and money on imprecise leads and channels over-swarmed with competitors. Through an accurate interpretation of data that we can gather about your company, we can determine the right niche where we can attract customers and convert your visitors into sales. Our unrivaled skills in data analysis keep you in the right direction when it comes to generating and converting leads.

Customer Support

As your business partner, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. does not only cater to your business needs. We also extend our commitment to your customers through our value-driven services. We take pride in our proficiency to solve problems through attentive listening. We make sure this unparalleled service is accessible to your customers as well.

Customer Retention

Statistics on factors that affect customer retention not only varies from one industry to another; it also changes constantly. Despite its complexity, it’s an indispensable activity for every business that aims to grow and keep its pace with the global economy. We at eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. acknowledges its importance, so we develop a customer retention strategy that keeps your customers engaged and happy and prevents strain on profitability.

Office Administration

Be it in operations, records, people management, or even logistics, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. provides a set of strategic processes that cater to every area of your business.

Information Technology

Today, every business size and type needs IT services, ranging from computer hardware and Internet connection to web and social media presence, and down to the design of marketing materials such as business cards and company flyers. Having an IT department or even a single IT specialist is not always practical for all businesses. That’s where we come in. With our multi-skilled IT professionals on board, you can count on us for your IT needs.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance are important for two purposes: one, to keep your business rolling; and two, to comply with government laws and regulations. Don’t have a full-time accountant? Accounting needs have exceeded capacity? eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. provides a full spectrum of financial accounting services such as bookkeeping, auditing, payroll, invoicing, and bills payment. We can help you streamline, organize and integrate your financial data so you can focus on your core business.

Marketing and Sales

Finding out what the customer needs (marketing) and convincing them that you are selling what they need (sales) must always go hand in hand. This requires more than a one-man team to satisfy the needs of fast-growing companies. eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. employs a team of sales and marketing specialists, all fully equipped with the necessary skills in customer behavior, effective communication, research, and presentation, to name a few.