Who is Elink?

A company that cares and strives for excellence

Through years of experience, we have come to know the first truth:
No leader can do it all, regardless of talent and dedication.

Out of this comes the second truth:
To be effective, focus on the things you do best, and leave the rest to the experts.

eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. prides itself as a leading sales, marketing, and business outsourcing solutions provider, known for its outstanding commitment to quality service, excellence, and innovation. We have gone a long way since our founding in 2016, and there is still much we can do to help businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive global economy.

With over a hundred full-time staff scattered across 15 departments, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. looks forward to service bigger clients from countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States – and in greater numbers.

More than just your solutions provider, a partner

As a company that cares for its clients, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. advocates what celebrated Singaporean Leader Lee Kuan Yew has to say:
If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you are putting yourself out of business.

eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. is more than just your leading sales, marketing, and business outsourcing solutions provider. We are your viable business partner for growth, transformation, and innovation.

eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. is more than just your leading sales, marketing, and business outsourcing solutions provider. We are your viable business partner for growth, transformation, and innovation.

As your partner, we help you grow without having you lose what makes you great. We offer you more than just our solutions and technologies. We offer you our industry advantage.

You have the goods, we have the tools, so how about a partnership?

Your needs are what we do best. You never need to compromise on unnecessary investments. Remember the second truth – and leave the rest to us.

Let us work together to take your business to new heights.

To become the premier vendor of choice for advanced, standardized, and world-class outsourcing solutions.

To provide our employees the career growth opportunities they aspire, and our customers the facilities, technologies, and services they deserve.

By building a mutually beneficial partnership, we can create opportunities that can sprout in fertile ground, grow profitable, and even produce more opportunities.
We are not just your outsourced talents. We are your business partner. We treat your business as if it is ours. Our ultimate goal is your business' success. Once we achieve this goal, only then we have succeeded.
It is said that supporting is maintaining what’s already there, and that’s not the mere thing we do. We boost and stimulate development for growth, innovation, and support. These are the elements you need to achieve your business's full potential.
We have confidence in our synergy. We believe that by working together, sharing and combining ideas, we will not only lead in realizing shared goals, but also in producing results that far surpasses expectations. Out of this comes the added benefit of an enhanced connection that makes the journey towards success even more satisfying.
We greatly value the trust bestowed to us, and more than that, the very act of trusting us is priceless itself. That’s why we strive to develop and maintain a level of integrity that gives our clients security and transparency with our services.
Every second counts and so does the product on which those seconds are spent. That is why in everything we do, we make sure we maximize our resources. We will never compromise on the quality and results of our services.
In every endeavor, success is always the ultimate aim, but in eLink Systems & Concepts Corp., that is not the case. Our everyday goal is to be outstanding, be it in the big or small roles we hold. Because we do exceptionally well, success is the one that chases us, not the other way around.

Only the best outsourced talents for your business

eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. assembles a team of the finest BPO and marketing talents. They have passed a meticulous screening process and standardized skills training to make sure they can perform at the best level possible. Armed with their combined experience in their respective disciplines, our talents are ready to address your immediate and long-term needs.